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“Deepavali starts on Trayodashi of Kṛśṇa pakśa of Ashvayuja māsa with lighting a lamp on the south side of the house as the southern direction is the domain of Demigod Yama as per Vedic scriptures. The common misconception is that this is to ward off death! However, death is the inevitable truth and has to be faced by everyone. So, what is it we are really trying to ward off? The Vedas say “tamasōmā jyōtirgamaya, mrutyōrmā amrutamgamaya”. The amruta mentioned here is not freedom from death, as is often loosely translated, but a state where there is no change of form internally. Watch this video to get a deeper Spiritual Insight”
In this talk, Prof. PR Mukund reveals the Spiritual meaning behind the statement from BruhadAraNyaka Upanishad - Mrutyōrmā Amrutamgamaya मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय - He connects this to the Inner journey in Sadhana leading to Self Realization and how this opens up the possibility of Aparoksha Jnyana.
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