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Science & Spirituality


Vedic way of life has been researched for thousands of years in the Indian subcontinent. This way of life is a very Scientific way of life in the sense that Vedic science is a Spiritual science. It is the Science of the Spirit. When we refer to the Spiritual and Scientific parts of of life, we are talking about two things. On one hand Science which relates to matter, explains how things work. On the other hand it leaves behind a yearning to understand why things happen the way they do. It is always the energy behind the matter that makes things happen the way they do. Even though the material science can very well explain how certain things may happen, it is only the Spiritual part that can tie the actual action to the cause. In that sense, the Vedic way of life which has been practiced for thousands of years, tie these two things together so that Man could be not only successful in his pursuits, not only be comfortable on the outside but peaceful inside. These workshops try to connect these two parts together. In this way of life there are many custom which today have unfortunately been reduced to rituals. When understanding of the spiritual part is missing, the actual actions will have very little value. We will look at some of the customs we practice and try to understand the spiritual meaning behind it to make sure we have a common understanding.

In these workshops, Dr.PR Mukund unravels a mesmerizing connection, mapping the Vedic wisdom to modern day Science & Engineering concepts. Explore the role of Energy in Vedic customs. Learn how to Apply Vedic Wisdom in your life to be productive and boost your Spiritual journey. These workshops are interactive in nature If you would like to invite Dr. PR Mukund to conduct this workshop, please send an email to

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