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How to Experience Lord Krishna in our lives ? Krishnarpanamastu in Electrical Engineering

Ananta Padmanabha Vrata is observed on the auspicious occasion of BhAdrapada Shukla Chaturdashi. Listen to this Vedic discourse by Prof. PR Mukund to explore the Spiritual significance of performing this Vrata.

"Transformers & Gurutva" -  A mesmerizing connection revealed to better understand a Guru

Explore the Spiritual Connection between a Guru & a shishya. Who is a Guru ? Does Scholarship or just repeating things from shastras make someone a Guru ? What is the role of a Guru in our Spiritual Journey ? Is it enough to just listen to a Guru's words day in and day out and be in physical proximity ? Does that mean you have a Spiritual connection to the Guru ? What does Purandara Dasaru mean when he says "Guruvina Marmava TilidavarAgi" ? What is the meaning of the phrase "BrahmAnta GuruvaH sAkshAt" ?

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